Dekorama Table Cloths

Dekorama is a world brand with its laminated Table Cloths. It is a brand that had been defining the quality standards in the sector and been counterfeited by other firms with its perfect printing quality and unique designs. Dekorama while being an Oncu Grup brand, is now operating and servicing for its customers on 5 different continents and more than 60 countries. Dekorama is also a legend that provides new products to its partners and customers by variating 25% of its designs and 260 variations.

DECORAMA is a leading global pvc tablecloth brand all over the world. 

Holding the course within the leading group of tablecloths. 

DECORAMA tablecloths are exported to more than 60 countrys in the world. 

Quality of production, Printing techniques, design selection and application easily distinguishes DECORAMA tablecloths than the other brands in the market. 

DECORAMA tablecloths can be easily wiped, washed and ironed for re-using. 

DECORAMA tablecloths are produced in 20 mt rolls or in sinle packages of different size according to market needs. 

DECORAMA and DEKOMARIN dealers in Turkey can be easily found and reached in our web page. 

Non slip mat DEKOMARIN is produced in superior quality and in several patterns which is supplied to all over the world. 

DEKOMARIN with its proven quality and brand is produced in 15 MT. Rolls and in packages of different dimensions . DEKOMARIN non slip mat is used in all wet grounds, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, near pools etc. 

DECORAMA tablecloths and DEKOMARIN non slip mats also reflect their difference as an integral decoration part of locations used in . 

DEKOMARIN and DECORAMA designs are renewed each year, All the latest designs are available on stock and shipped based on orders. 

DEKOMARIN AND DECORAMA brand and products are exhibited in most prestigious trades hows and fairs all over the world to the interest of purchasers. sinop otel

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